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Kingman County

Record keeping and project reporting are valuable skills taught to members of the Kansas 4-H program. Members are encouraged to keep a permanent record of all 4-H and non-4-H experience and are encouraged to summarize their experiences on the Kansas 4-H Project Report Form for project recognition. 

At the end of each 4-H Year each member should reflect on their previous year's work; this is an important step in the 4-H Model. Members should complete a record book, pin application, and activity sheet at the end of each year. They will turn these items in to their club leader to be submitted to the Kingman County K-State Research & Extension Office to be judged. 

Starting in 2022, you will have THREE options to fill out a record book. You may print off the pages and handwrite your book, use adobe pdf to type out your pages or construct your book on the ZBOOKS app. 


What is required to create a Record Book?

For youth members, the following items are the minimum requirements to be included for the Record Book to be considered complete. All items listed below must be completed to receive recognition as completing the year in 4-H and receive a year seal at the Achievement Night. Please see below for Cloverbuds. 

1. Personal Page complete with picture. Download this form HERE!

2. 4-H Story completed. There is no specific form required for the 4-H story. Please type or hand write legibly and place in your record book. STORY TIPS

3. Permanent Record up-to-date. Also available for download HERE! (This can be downloaded and updated each year. 

4. Pictures

5. Activity Sheet signed by your club leader. Download this form HERE!

Optional Record Book Contents

1. Kansas General/Animal Project Report Form (KAP) that is age specific to the 4-H'er.To download the correct Project Report form, please select the age division necessary from the list below. *Ages are as of January 1 of the current year.*

The unique thing about the Project Report Forms, is that they help you zero in on the projects you have completed! Expand and share your knowledge! This division is also eligible for county, area and state awards. To help you with this process refer to the Guide to Kansas 4-H Project Recognition.

These forms may be judged to receive a County Champion KAP Award. To be judged as a prospect as a county champion project report form, these must be included in the 4-Her's Record Book and a second copy must also be submitted in a seperate folder or binder labeled with the 4-Her's name, age division, project and year (a copy of the 4-Her's record book mandated items above should also be included). 

4-H Project Recognition Check Sheet

Project Evaluation Score Sheet

Cloverbud Record Book Resources

Cloverbuds are not required to complete a Record Book; however, it is good practice!

You can download the form for cloverbuds here

*Please note: when opening a form below, please open it and save it to your desktop or device before entering information.  You must download or open the form, then "save as" or you run the risk of losing your work.* 

Pin Applications

Pin Application Order

This is the order in which you will fill out your pins year after year: Click on the pin you are applying for to download a form fillable PDF version of the document. 

#1 - Membership Achievement Pin

#2 - Bronze Achievement Pin

#3 - Clover Achievement Pin.

#4 - Emerald Achievement Pin.

#5 - Silver Achievement Pin.

#6 - Silver Guard Pin.

#7 - Leadership Achievement Pin.

#8 - Gold Achievement Pin.

#9 - Gold Guard Achievement Pin.

 Key Award

The Key Award is also available for 4-H'ers to apply for. The following link shoots you to the Kansas 4-H Website where you can use the form-fillable application

The basic requirements for the Key Award include being the age of 16 (4-H age), having been enrolled in the 4-H program for at least 4 years and enrolled in the leadership project for at least 2 years.

Methods for Completeing Your Record Book:

1. Zbooks

 The Permanent Record is included in ZBooks.  If you choose to keep records with ZBooks, do not feel like you have to transfer over all of your previous years' activities into the online Permanent Record.  Start with this year and attach it to your previous document. 


To access the online record books, please visit ZBooks here.

These help links will get you started, as will the video tutorials below:

More resources for ZBooks, including video instructions can be found here.

*The Permanent Record is included in ZBooks.  If you choose to keep records with ZBooks, do not feel like you have to transfer over all of your previous years' activities into the online Permanent Record.  Start with this year and attach it to your previous document. 


Before you begin to keep project record reports for the year, please make sure you have a current version of Adobe Reader DC.  If you do not, you may download a free version, here: https://get.adobe.com/reader/.  When you click on that link, the following screen will appear.  "Uncheck" the 3 boxes in the middle column and click on the link circled in green to begin your download.  Follow the prompts to download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader DC. 

Adobe instructions

3. Handwritten

You may download each form, print it out, and hand write your entries as well. If this option is chosen, please make sure that writing is legible. 


Get Organized for the 4-H Year!

Section One of Project Report Form

Section Two of Project Report Form

For Leaders

Club Summary Forms can be downloaded here: Club Summary