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Kingman County

Livestock Project Resources

K-State Research and Extension's youth livestock resources can be found at: K-State Youth Livestock Program

Scrapie Tag Identification Form for Goats and Sheep 

Horse ID Papers

ID papers and a Coggins Test are due to the Extension Office by May 1. No late papers accepted! If you are using the same horse as last year, we can just re-sign last year's papers. However, if you are showing a new horse, you will need to complete the Kansas 4-H Horse Identification Certificate available here Horse ID Paper. Remember, you need two pictures - side views with the head turned towards the camera and all four legs showing.

Kansas State Fair and KJLS Livestock Nomination and Entry Information

First: In order to show at a state show, Kansas State Fair (hereinafter KSF) or Kansas Junior Livestock Show (hereinafter KJLS), all participants must first nominate your animal(s).

Nomination Form: Documentation that you have owned, possessed and cared for your animal since a certain date in order to show at KSF and KJLS. That particular date is set by Kansas 4-H in addition with the KSF and KJLS Board of Directors. Cost of nominating livestock is $8.00 per animal. NOMINATION FORMS ARE NOT ENTRIES FOR EITHER SHOW. THIS FORM SIMPLY CERTIFIES (if done correctly) THAT EACH INDIVIDUAL ANIMAL IS ELIGIBLE FOR KSF and/or KJLS. All swine exhibitors must obtain a Pork Quality Assurance (PQA) number that will be required to show at all Kansas State shows. For questions on how to obtain a PQA number, please contact Jake Renner (contact information below).

Nomination deadline dates are as follows for each particular species:

  • May 1- Market Steers and Market Heifers
  • June 15- Commercial heifers, Market Lambs, Commercial Ewes, Market Hogs, Commercial Gilts, Market Goats, Commercial Does.

Second: Another required form for eligibility at the KSF and/or KJLS is the Nomination Declaration Form.

Nomination Declaration Form:This particular form is required by all families wishing to show at KSF and/or KJLS. This form states the family name along with who is able to show within the family. It is vital that you list all potential exhibitors for the family. If a family member's name is missing on the Nomination Declaration Form they are not eligible to show any livestock listed under that family's name. This form also asks to list housing location, ownership and care of the animals. It must be signed by ALL individual exhibitors, a parents or guardian and an extension agent/advisor. ALL families must have this nomination declaration form on file.

Third: The next item of business is to get all nominated livestock tagged with an EID (Electronic Identification) Tag. Each species will receive a different tag and MUST be issued and placed in the animal's left year by the local extension agent. Should the animal lose its original ear tag, a replacement may be issued by the extension agent. The family must fill out a “Tag Change Form” to be sent to the state office for clarification.

Fourth: The next item to take care of is collecting a DNA hair sample from all nominated livestock. Hair follicles are required from all species, both market, and commercial. DO NOT CUT THE HAIR. The roots of the hair follicle must be intact so it is vital that you pull the hairs. A suggested amount of roughly 40 follicles should be places into the designated DNA sample envelope provided by the local extension office.

Nomination Declaration form and Specie Nomination forms are available at www.YouthLivestock.KSU.edu. A link is available on our county 4-H page. The entry process for KSF and KJLS is online through their respective websites. Please remember, filling out a Nomination Declaration Form and Nomination Form is not an entry into either of these shows. 

Fifth: Submit entries for either/ both KJLS or KSF. 

The deadline for entry into these shows is:

  • Kansas State Fair – July 15
  • Kansas Junior Livestock Show- August 15 

Tips and Recommendations: 

Certified mail for all documents and DNA envelopes is recommended but not required. Certified mail simply ensures that you have documentation that you’ve sent the information. Should documentation get lost in the mail, this is your proof that you beat the deadline(s).

Health paper may be required depending on the species being shown and the show the exhibitor is attending. Please call Agriculture agent Kallie Turner if you are not sure if your species requires health papers.


For any further information or question please do not hesitate to contact your local Agriculture Agent Kallie Turner at 620-532-5131 or email kalliet@ksu.edu.


Kingman County 4-H Livestock Committee Resources

Next Meeting:

February 28, 2024


Helpful Links:

Bylaws and Constitution 


2023-2024 Officers and Voting Members:

Chairman - Jamie Belt

V. Chairman - Cherielle Young

Secretary - Erin Self

Beef -  Brandon Bock

           Matt Wright

Bucket Calf - Cherielle Young

            Jay Adams

Dairy - Erin Self

            Travis Self

Meat Goat - Mike Floyd

           Loree McBeth

Dairy Goat - Jennifer Neywick

Horse - Justin Belt

            Keith Baringer

Sheep -Cindy Belt

            Cami McAndrew

Swine - Jason Belt

            Andy Kostner