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Kingman County

Making a difference in your life

Your local Extension Office is a tremendous resource for finding the information you need. 

Extension agents are jointly employed in a partnership between K-State Research and Extension, headquartered on the Kansas State University campus in Manhattan, Kansas, and the local Extension board. The role of K-State Research and Extension is to encourage the adoption of research-based information to improve the quality of life for Kansans. 

K-State Research and Extension is the short name for the Kansas State University Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service. 

K-State Research and Extension is guided by the following core values: 

  • INTEGRITY to develop and deliver credible information,
  • COMMUNICATION to provide common understanding,
  • SCHOLARSHIP to foster lifelong learning,
  • LEADERSHIP to serve as an agent of change, and
  • INCLUSION to encourage active participation by all.

2016 4-H Calendar! (Subject to updates)

Download it here!

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Upcoming County Events

May 31-June 2 - Discovery Days at KSU

June 8-11 - 4-H Camp at Rock Springs

June 24-27 - Campference at Rock Springs

July 1 - District Horse Show at Hutchinson

July 18-23 - Kingman Co. hosts 4-H Exchange Group

July 28 - August 1 - Kingman County Fair