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Tractor Safety

Tractor Safety Online Course Information

This year Tractor Safety Courses will be held in partnership with K-State Research and Extension Harper County. Please click here for more information. 



You must complete and pass the written exam within 30 days of registration. Once you enter the test you MUST complete all of it entirely. Answers will not be saved, and test will have to be restarted if an exit occurs. To pass you must receive a 70% or higher. In order to move on to the driving exam of tractor's safety, you must pass the written exam.  



After passing the written exam, you will receive another email with the form needed for the driving course. You will have a producer or your employer sign-off that you have completed and successfully passed each maneuver. Once you are finished and have a signature on this portion, you will take the signed form to your local extension office. The agent will then sign-off and send off for your certificate of completion.  


If you have any questions or need additional assistance, please contact Grace Schneider at gschnei@ksu.edu