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Kingman County

Kingman County & 4-H Fair

"Small Town Throwdown at the Kingman County Fair" 

 July 28-31, 2021 at the Kingman Expo Center


Fair Button 2021


Click the image below to view a draft of the 2021 Schedule of Events.

Please be aware times and locations are subject to change, please check back regularly to plan accordingly.

schedule image

Kingman County Livestock Premium Auction
Saturday, July 31st following the Buyer's Meal

Purple Ribbon Food Auction
Friday, July 30th at the Cattleman's Community Picnic

2021 Fair Rules and Regulations (Download)

2021 Kingman County 4-H Livestock Premium Sale Order

2021 Kingman County 4-H Purple Ribbon Food Auction


 Fair Newsletter for 4-H Families and Members


Entry Forms 


4-H Eligibility Form -- If you intend to sell in the 4-H Purple Ribbon Food Auction or the 4-H Livestock Premium Auction, please fill out and return by July 10, the 4-H Eligibility Form. You can download this form here:4-H Eligibility Form


4-H Fashion Revue - You can download the Script Form here:4-H Fashion Revue Script Form.  Fashion Revue Schedule  Cost Per Wear (14 and Older)



Woodworking Plan Sheet - If you are entering a woodworking item, you need to also have a plan sheet attached. You can download the form here: 4-H Woodworking