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Kingman County

Executive Board Members

Mike Clover - Chairman

Diana Kirk - Vice Chair

Darla Harbert- Treasurer

Maggie Freund - Secretary

Jerika Francis - Member

Shirley Boos - Member

Andrew Kostner - Member

Brent Hanson - Member

Jamie Barnes - Member


Program Development Committee

Strong local extension programs are the outcome of a partnership between extension agents and members of the local Program Development Committee.

Kansas extension county and district laws require four program development committees with six or more members serving on each committee. Committees focus on four core areas: Agriculture and Natural Resources, Community Development, Family and Consumer Sciences and 4-H Youth Development. PDC members will serve two year terms and are eligible to serve two terms. 

Of those four committees with a total of twenty four individuals, a total of nine members are selected to serve on the Extension Executive Board. 

Agriculture and Natural Resources PDC                                           

Jason McAndrew

Doug Bates

David Harbert

Jerika Francis

Diana Kirk

Brent Hanson

Family and Consumer Sciences PDC

Kay Heikes

Kristen Turner

Tammy Schrag

Maggie Freund

Darla Harbert

Judy Hampel

4-H Youth Development

Melinda Hageman

Mike Clover

Cindy Allen

Joe Hill

Cami McAndrew

Shirley Boos

Community Development

Leslie Schrag

Shelby Snyder

Andy Kostner

Barb Schultz

Shawna Olson

Jamie Barnes