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Kingman County

Senior Corner

The 2020 Kansas 4-H Scholarship Application is available for download!

Please load the document from the following links:

Kingman County 4-H Council and Cookies for College Scholarships


Things to keep in mind:

  • These forms are due to the Extension Office by APRIL 1, 2020. (Kingman High School students my turn forms into school counselor)
  • The Cookies for College Scholarship Essay should be typed. Check the criteria on the download for additional details. 
  • 4-H Council and Cookies for College Scholarships are for Kingman County 4-H'ers. All are encouraged to apply for both scholarships.
  • Questions? Contact the Extension Office. 


Kansas 4-H Scholarship

Kansas 4-H Scholarships are due to the Kingman County Extension Office by Monday, January 27, 2020. Applications are to be signed by an Extension Agent and will be mailed to the State Office for you.